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Will you win the race against Coronavirus / COVID-19?

Build an Active COVID-19 Viral Defense Plan - containment, logistics, management, and more.

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Plan & Model

Create a Coronavirus / COVID-19 Viral Defense Plan with everything from temporary hospitals, to quarantine centers, to mortuary centers, to roadblocks, to screening points, to warehouses.  Determine staffing requirements, required durable equipment lists, and supply levels for each facility and your entire plan.  From hospitals to screening points at ports, airports, bus terminals and interstate highways - build and resource a plan that manages access, screening, isolation and medical services.  Model infection rates and patient loads.


In a Coronavirus / COVID-19 Viral Defense Plan, logistics are key.  Inventory available facilities and track real-time status of preparation, availability of key staff, equipment, supplies, and facility / equipment condition.  Track preparation tasks on a daily basis, and instantly report daily statuses.  From field hospitals, to quarantine centers, warehouses, kitchens, laundry facilities, and checkpoints - know the preparation status of every piece of your plan - real time.

Contain & Report

Estimate Coronavirus / COVID-19 mortality rates, inpatient, outpatient, and ICU loads based on a validated (but editable) formula.  Investigate infections, discover hot spots, and track infectious individuals and interactions.

Manage & Track

Automated reporting collects daily Coronavirus / COVID-19 census information from every facility to paint a continuous and accurate picture of threat emergence, infection rates, load, and capacity.

Combat Coronavirus / COVID-19 Threats to Your Community - Whether it's 1,000 or 50MM People

You can win your race - but it takes more than a bunch of spreadsheets.

Planning, resourcing, and executing an effective, multi-pronged Viral Defense Plan (VDP) to combat a viral threat requires real horsepower.  A single county of 500,000 for example, may need to create, staff, budget, equip, continuously supply, and gather real time disease statistics from:

  • 8 Disease Reconnaissance Teams
  • 10 Hospitals
  • 20 Walk-in clinics or standalone ERs
  • 5 Temporary field hospitals
  • 5 Mortuary teams
  • 12 Entry screening points (airport, bus station, train station, port, etc.)
  • 3 Isolation / quarantine facilities
  • 6 Roadblock teams

Statistical models say a county of 500,000 will need to address more than 123,000 infected individuals.

It can require more than 1,600 staff, $1.6MM in durable item investment, and cost almost $975,000 a week to combat the threat.  Can you estimate what it will cost to implement your Viral Defense Plan?

Source: NIH

Prepare and Fight an Active Coronavirus / COVID-19 Defense

Spreadsheets and emails are OK when you're building a static plan that doesn't change (and a plan you'll never have to fight).

However, in a fast-moving real-world Coronavirus / COVID-19 defense, the only way to stay real-time and fight a proactive viral defense is to have a connected system that links every node of your viral defense - healthcare facilities, field hospitals, quarantine centers, investigators, screening points, roadblocks, logistics managers, etc.

With a connected system (where information is shared real-time) it's possible for planners and staff to see the picture minute by minute.  Everyone stays up to speed - every minute of every day.  Without one, you're just reacting to a melee of arbitrary, un-formatted information.

As a connected, active viral defense platform, Viraplan is unmatched.

Our mobile capability keeps every field asset connected, communicating, informed - providing information 24x7 (and yeah, you can ditch the conference calls).


The Active Coronavirus / COVID-19 Defense Platform

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